The Foodie Teen: Cooking Demo and Book Signing
Award-winning teenage blogger Alessandra Peters is on a mission to inspire others to embrace a healthy lifestyle. Her approach to cooking centres around eating unprocessed, real ingredients and her recipes are for everyone. They not only taste wonderful, but will make you feel incredible. This afternoon Alessandra will prepare two of her recipes live at ABC, answer all your questions and sign copies of her book The Foodie Teen

The Foodie Teen: Cooking Demo and Book Signing

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About the book:
Naturally gluten-free, dairy-free and nutrient-rich, The Foodie Teen contains over a 100 dishes.

Alongside her 'dishes to get out of bed for,' after-school snacks and everyday eats, Alessandra also offers yoga sequences, 5-minute meditations and advice on how to deal with stress and anxiety: everything teenagers (and anyone else, for that matter) need to embrace a healthy lifestyle.

Alessandra is a 16-year old blogger, photographer and health enthusiast behind the award-winning blog The Foodie Teen. Cooking her way through an autoimmune disease and numerous food intolerances, she's passionate about helping young people embrace a healthy, natural, unprocessed diet with her delicious, inventive, and exciting recipes designed to inspire and engage. She firmly believes that there's nothing that can't be fixed with a mug of herbal tea and a square of dark chocolate!

Visit the Foodie Teen BLOG and follow Alessandra on instagram and facebook.

* We will also sell copies of the Dutch edition of Foodie Teen (de jonge foodie) at this event.

Extra Web Links:  thefoodieteen.com

American Book Center, Amsterdam
Sunday, June 19th - 15:00 

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